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Posted by on Saturday, March 9, 2019 in Boat Projects, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Boat Work and the Great Banana Challenge

August 2018- This time, Ben heads to the boat to continue the boat work and get the Sandflea ready to be put back in the water, which will happen in just a few short months!

Watch Episode 86 here!

Our new sailing adventures begin in November! That means that there is MUCH boat work to wrap up before then.

On this trip Ben installs a saltwater washdown pump and a shiny new Mantus anchor. He also repaints the binnacle, along with some other various projects.

Do try your luck at the Great Banana Challenge as you watch this video.

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Posted by on Saturday, March 9, 2019 in Boat Projects, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Installing New Rigging and Hurricane Prep

This post takes place over 3 different trips to the boat. One in March, one in May, and one in June of 2018.

We are getting the boat ready to go on the hard for hurricane season, and repairing the rigging that was damaged in Hurricane Irma.

Watch episode 83 here!

It’s time to replace the 38 year old standing rigging on our Endeavour 32 sailboat.

In this video, Ben will replace the 4 lower shrouds. Those are the wires that run from deck-level, up to the height of the spreaders.

Ever since buying this sailboat, I’ve had thoughts of replacing the standing rigging. The decision was made for me when some of the wires were damaged during hurricane Irma.

This will be the biggest project we’ve tackled yet, and we’ll be doing all of the work ourselves. Well, mostly Ben.

Watch Episode 84 here!

In this post, Molly and I join Ben in Greencove Springs, Florida. We unstep the mast and haul our sailboat out of the water. Then we get to work to prepare her for being on the hard for the next 6 months. 

To prepare Sandflea for hurricane season, we set out ant traps inside and outside the boat, we grease all the jack stands so bugs can’t crawl up them, we set out mouse traps and roach traps as well. We also put out damp-rid bags to keep the moisture at bay so no mold will grow inside while we’re away. We’ve done everything we can think of the keep her in good shape. 

The standing rigging replacement project will continue with the mast down while the boat is out of the water for the hurricane season.

It was our goal to complete the replacement of the standing rigging with the boat in the water. Unfortunately, I reached a point where I was not able to continue the project because the mast could not be effectively secured while upright. Ah… safety first, right?

Oh well – the boat is coming out of the water anyways, so it makes sense to go ahead and pull the mast down and finish the rigging project safely.

Watch Episode 85 here!

In this video, Ben will be installing Sta-Lok rigging terminals. These are great because they are assembled with simple hand tools instead of requiring a swage press.

Replacing the standing rigging on our sailboat is tough. It’s hot, mosquitos are everywhere, Ben’s fingers are bleeding, he nearly gets struck by 2 lightning bolts, and worst of all… his pale body is glistening from an over-enthusiastic application of Avon Skin-So-Soft.

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Posted by on Friday, November 16, 2018 in Cleaning out, Moving, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Selling and Sailing- General Update

Watch episode 82 here!

We spent January and February emptying out the storage building and making sure the house was in tip top shape to get it ready to sell.

Things aren’t going as easily as we had hoped concerning the sale of our house. It’s not really that big of a deal, aside from the fact that it’s causing us to miss out on valuable cruising time.

This post shares our current day-to-day living as well as sharing our future plans for sailing and cruising.

Rest assured that we are anxious as HECK to get back out there.

It’s going to happen, and when it does, we’ll be that much more free to roam as a result of the preparations we’re making during our down time.


Our house is officially SOLD as of the end of April.

Its an incredible relief to have that off our plate. Now, we can concentrate more on boat stuff instead of house stuff.

The feeling can only be described as “bitter sweet”. It’s the first house that Tambi and I bought together. It’s the house Molly was BORN in – heck, it may even be where she was conceived… bowchickawowow.

Suffice it to say that an abundance of wonderful memories are tied to that house and thats what makes it tough to see it go. Ultimately though, we’re all happy and excited for the additional freedom that we can enjoy without the added responsibility and stress of managing a piece of Real Estate from afar.

From here, the plan is to stay land-based through hurricane season. We’re still making trips to the boat to work on it every few weeks. I hope to have the boat out of the water within the next month so that the mast can be unstepped in order to complete the standing rigging replacement. After that, she’ll stay on the hard for the next few months with the goal to have her ready to splash just as soon as the hurricane season fizzles out.

The big-picture plan is slowly coming together, and the sale of our house is a HUGE accomplishment that we can officially check off the list.


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Posted by on Thursday, November 15, 2018 in Boat Projects, Florida, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Repairing the Water Tank Lid

In this post, Ben repairs the water tank lid on the Sandflea. This post links to 3 different episodes for this build. He does a fantastic job on our new lid. He also moves the filling port to the end so I don’t have to sleep on the pipe anymore! Yay! I do have a great hubby don’t I?!

Watch episode 79 here!

In this episode, I (Ben) repair the water tank aboard our Endeavour sailboat. After hurricane Irma, I noticed flakes of weird stuff are floating in our drinking water.

SOLUTION: Reseal the inside of our water tank with epoxy.

Simple, right? BwAHHahhAhahAhahAHHAAA!!!! Never.

It just doesn’t happen like that with boat projects. It’s way more interesting when the water tank lid won’t come off because it was installed with 3M 5200. That way you have to completely destroy the lid in order to access the water tank.


Once you finally gain access to the tank’s interior, it’s covered in weird brown stuff that requires hours of laborious sanding to remove.


It sure does feel good though once the work is done and the tank is freshly resealed in 2 coats of food-grade epoxy.


Oh… no not quite… now you’ve got to fabricate an entire new lid cuz you wrecked the original one, REMEMBER!??!

The fun never ends… not even when my exposed, sweat-drenched skin is covered in grayish-brownish water tank dust which gives my epidermis an unnatural tone that is reminiscent of a near-dead ET that Elliot just found in the river.

Watch episode 80 here!

In this episode, I’ll construct a brand new water tank lid for our Endeavour 32 sailboat. The old was tragically destroyed, by me, with a saw, while gaining access to the interior of the water tank.

The old lid was rotten anyways, so it’s not really as tragic as it sounds.

It’s my intent is for this new lid to be MUCH better than the original one. It will not only be stronger, but it will also be completely sealed from water intrusion so that rot will never be an issue again.

By the way, I know it’s hard to tell in the video, but this project took me nearly a full week of work to complete. Wow! I thought I’d be done with this lid in a couple days… nope. Silly me. Boat projects just don’t work like that, and when you forget that fact, the boat will remind you how it really works.

Watch episode 81 here!

Our Endeavour 32 sailboat gets a new water tank lid to replace the rotten one that was contaminating our drinking water.

This project, like all boat projects, took far longer than I thought it would.

In the end though, I think the results are worth the extra time that it took to construct the custom lid, and to ensure that it is installed properly.

Now, the big boat project on the list is the replacement of our standing rigging.

Oooooh boy.

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Posted by on Thursday, November 15, 2018 in Maryland, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Annapolis Boat Show October 2017

Watch episode 78 here!

In this post we travel to the Annapolis Sailboat Show. We walkthrough boats, talk to fans, and enjoy a relaxing day in our element.

This is actually the 2nd time we’ve been to this boat show. The first time was right before hurricane Mathew back in 2016 – right around the time we bought our Endeavour 32. It was cold and rainy that year. This time the weather was much more pleasant.

We spent most of out time just wandering around, looking at all the fancy boats, and talking with a whole lot of good folks that enjoy our videos. There’s a wonderful vibe at these shows. So many great people who all share the passion of sail.

I’ve tried to make this video have a slower pace. Not a whole lot of ambient music and punchy effects throughout. I wanted to try to show people what it’s like to casually enjoy the show – tour some cool boats – and give the feeling like they’re actually there. That’s the intent, anyways – I hope it’s enjoyable.


You always have to get a photo of your family in front of the Welcome to Virginia sign.

It’s always a pleasure when we get to see Behan from Sailing Totem and we met Capt. Murphy, the man we bought our boat from!

Our new friends Karen and Paul took us out for a wonderful lunch!

It was a beautiful day at the boat show!

We met a lot of great people. I was even star struck, when we met Tasha Hacker from Chase the Story and Brittany Meyers from the blog Windtraveler.

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Posted by on Thursday, November 15, 2018 in Boat Projects, Florida, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Hurricane Irma: Before and After

Watch episode 76 here!

In this post, we make storm preparations to our boat for the impending arrival of hurricane IRMA.

Yes, for the 10 days prior to this somewhat spontaneous trip, we watched the weather reports very closely indeed. We saw the birth of this monster storm off the West Coast of Africa. We saw it devastate the windward islands, the DR, Puerto Rico, and skim across the top end of Cuba. The whole time we were hoping that it take a turn to starboard and head back out to sea.

That never happened.

We packed the car and headed to Florida. The whole way down we watched the Northbound traffic rushing in the opposite direction… an unnerving thing to see or sure. 95% of the traffic is headed in the direction opposite of the way you are headed.

We arrive at the boat with specific plans to prep the boat and leave again the very next day. In fact, we bring enough gasoline with us in the car to get us safely back home, round trip – just in case all the gas station are sold out… a preparation that paid off. Most of the gasoline pumps in FL had plastic bags over the handles.

So in less than 48 hours we arrive in Green Cove, prep the boat, and make it back to Toccoa, GA.

Watch episode 77 here!

So, Hurricane Irma damaged our Endeavour 32 sailboat. The storm blew our boat against the dock, breaking the standing rigging.

The wind was so powerful that it healed the boat over nearly 45 degrees towards the dock – so much that the shrouds were touching the dock.

The damage we sustained was a battered port side toe rail, a couple bent stanchions, and a damaged forward/port lower shroud.

In this video I’ll repair the toe rail, and I’ll show you the damage to the standing rigging.

Now, thanks to Irma, I have 2 more rather large projects to on our to-do list. 1) Repair the standing rigging. 2) Reseal the interior of our water tank. (More on that later)

Never dull moment, that’s for sure. The primary take-away from this video should be this… Yes, our beloved boat is damaged, but we’re thankful to still have a boat to work on – damage and all. A lot of people suffered much more than we did.

After all, bruises and scars add character right??

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