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Posted by on Monday, September 17, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Berry Islands, Snorkeling, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

First Shower In 3 Months At Great Harbour Marina

Watch Video 64 here!

In this post, Tambi enjoys the first REAL shower she’s had in 3 months of cruising the Bahamas by sailboat.

Nothing makes you appreciate the little things in life more than doing without them for a while.

Take showers for instance. The overwhelming majority of people enjoy a nice hot shower each and every day.

The shower we enjoyed at Great Harbour Marina, after going without REAL showers for over 90 days, was probably the best shower we’ve ever had.

Alright, that’s enough about showers. What else is in this post…

Oh there’s a plane wreck that we snorkel around for a while. Really cool plane. I think this one had the engines mounted on the wings. Must have been a pretty good sized plane back in the day.

Let’s see – there’s also a good bit of sailing as well.


6.15.17 Today we sailed over to Great Harbour on the west side. N 25*44.935 W 77*51.766

We took a side trip and anchored by the airplane (N 25*45.892 W 77*53.139). We dove on the airplane and it was super cool.

After diving the airplane, we picked up anchor and went into the Great Harbour Basin to anchor.

After anchoring, we met a French Canadian family on their way back to Florida. They have an 8 year old boy named Leo, and a 6 year old girl named Charlotte. The mom’s name is Melissa and the dad’s name is Alex. They are a super sweet family and we can’t wait to spend some more time with them.

We had yummy enchiladas for dinner. Tomorrow, is showers and laundry day!! I am so excited, we haven’t had a real shower since March!

Ben and I watched Harry Potter #2 tonight.

6.16.17 Today we got up and had eggs and muffins for breakfast. Yum! Yum! We went over to the marina and did two loads of laundry. While we were doing laundry, Molly made friends with the ladies that work in the office. One of them shared her lunch with her while the other one set up her laptop so she could watch the new Beauty and the Beast. Haha!

After laundry, we came back to the boat. Leo and Charlotte invited Molly over to play with legos on their boat. While she did that, I did the dishes and made a delicious dinner of sweet potato and butternut squash soup for dinner. We picked Molly up and had dinner. Then we went over to the marina for showers.

The showers were wonderful! Amazing! Outstanding! Ok, I think you get the point. After the showers, we went to the store and got some cold drinks and snacks.

We came back to the boat, and Ben and I watched the rest of HP#2 and Molly watched a movie on the kindle.

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Posted by on Sunday, September 16, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Berry Islands, Snorkeling, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Royal Caribbean’s Coco Cay All To Ourselves

Watch Video 63 here!

Also known as Coco Cay, Little Stirrup is Royal Caribbean’s private cruise ship island. Today we have it all to ourselves.

I suppose this particular destination is the least authentic of all the islands we’ve been to thus far. I say that because, in this video, we spend a couple days anchored off the beaches of Little Stirrup Cap – or as Royal Caribbean calls it – Coco Cay.

Yes, things are a little less authentic here, but it’s still pretty to look at. Just try not to think about the fact that all the perfectly aligned palm trees were shipped in and planted there – or that the underwater snorkeling features are made of concrete. If you can get past that stuff, then Little Stirrup is a pretty cool place to stop.

I will say that it is pretty neat to be able to pick out a beach chair from among the thousands that line the beaches and sit there in absolute solitude.


6.13.17 Made it to Little Stirrup Cay today. It was another bumpy ride. N 25*49.234 W 77*55.606

After getting anchored and settled, we decided to stay on the boat and not go ashore until tomorrow. There is a cruise ship anchored by the island.

6.14.17 Today we went over to little Stirrup Cay  to swim. There was another cruise ship here again today. We snorkeled inside of the roped off area looking at the “shipwreck” and the “plane wreck” put there by the cruise line. After swimming, we went back to the boat and got cleaned up.

After the cruise ship left at 5, we went over to the island and beached the dinghy. We looked around the island. It was deserted. It’s pretty weird to be on “Coco Cay”, Royal Caribbean’s Private Island. Especially since we’ve been here twice before on a cruise. We took some photos and hung out in the chairs a bit.

After that we went back to the boat; Ben did some video editing and I made a delicious creamy spaghetti dinner.

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Posted by on Sunday, September 16, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Berry Islands, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

A Downwind Sail To The Berry Islands

Watch Video 62 here!

We weigh anchor and sail 52 miles dead downwind from Egg Island all the way to Hoffmans Cay in the Berry Islands.

This may be the shortest video we’ve ever made, but I hope the effort that went into it is apparent. Basically all the footage ended up being really windy and splashy which hurt the audio… so I made a music video out of it. 🙂

In this video you’ll see our 52ish mile crossing from Egg Island to Hoffmann’s Cay – or from Eleuthera to the Berry Islands. Not a bad trip. Dead downwind all the way. It’s times like these that I kinda wish we hadn’t ditched our whisker pole, but at the same time, I still don’t think it would have been worth hauling it around for the 2-3 times it would have come in handy.

Yes Sir – headed back to the States now. Bitter sweet and mixed emotions – especially for yours truly, Skipper Ben.

6.12.17 Headed to the Berry Islands today. We got up at 6:30 this morning and left Egg at 7. We made it to Hoffmans/Fowl Cay at 3:00. Molly and I took small amounts of motion sickness pills all day. It was a bumpy ride, but no one got sick! N 25*36.829 W 77*44.221

Ben and Molly went swimming, and I took a nap.

Also, on the way to the Berry Islands, Molly threw out her message in a bottle. Somewhere around

N 25*30.942 W 77*11.442.

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Spanish Wells Has Papa Scoops Ice Cream

Watch Video 61 here!

Spanish Wells! Land of fishing boats, golf carts, Papa’s Scoops, and bad anchorages.

We spent exactly 1 day exploring Spanish Wells. It’s a pretty chill place. Yeah, golf carts are the primary mode of transportation around the island. They’re everywhere!

Also, the price of food is the closest to the USA that we have experienced anywhere in the Bahamas.


6.10.17 I had a hard time sleeping- well getting to sleep I guess. It was 5:00 AM before I fell asleep. Ben got me up at 7 because we were dragging anchor and we needed to get over to Spanish Wells to get stuff done. So only 2 hours of sleep is all I got. Man coffee was SO good today! I feel exhausted and sick from no sleep, but the day must go on. I will definitely make sure to go to sleep early tonight. We moved over to Spanish Wells. N 25*32.752 W 76*44.540

As soon as we got settled, we went ashore and dropped off the trash and got diesel. Then we walked to the grocery store. It was very nice. Even better stocked thank Rock Sound. After we got done with groceries, the propane guy picked us up in his golf cart. Everyone has a golf cart here in Spanish Wells! He took us to his house and filled our propane tank, then he kindly drove us back to our dinghy. Grommet left us a gift at the dock they were staying at. Oreos, SO HAPPY! After shopping, we came back to the boat, had lunch, and put the groceries away. After that we decided to go back to town to walk around. We walked through town looking at boats, houses, and in the little shops.

We got back to the boat for dinner. We were going to go get ice cream at Papa’s Scoops, but they are only open from 7:30-10 PM and closed on Sundays. At least that’s what their Facebook says, but a sign at their store said open after church. So… we decided to go out to dinner and get ice cream tonight instead of tomorrow. We went to dinner and had a great meal! Then it wasn’t quite 7:30 yet so we walked to the beautiful pink sand beach. At 7:30 we got our ice cream and walked back to the dinghy in ice cream heaven. That ice cream is so yummy and creamy! We got back to the boat and I was in bed by 9. It’s been a long busy day on only 2 hours of sleep. Hopefully I won’t be doing that again any time soon.

Also, Ben has decided not to sleep in the v-berth anymore. Haha! He says its way too hot in there so he’s sleeping out on the starboard settee.

6.11.17 Today we moved to the beautiful Egg Island. It’s so magnificent here. I’m sure the photos won’t do this place justice! N 25*29.761 W 76*53.210

Molly and Ben went swimming and explored the beach a bit today. We got the boat ready to travel to the Berry Islands tomorrow. When they got back we had dinner and showered.

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Posted by on Thursday, September 13, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Beach, Eleuthera, Snorkeling, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Sailing Engineless Through Current Cut

Watch Video 60 here!

Without using our diesel engine, we sail through Current Cut and anchor at Meeks Patch, an island with swimming pigs.

Buckle up – this post has it all…

Seasickness, sailing, protected anchorages, uninhabited islands, swimming pigs, snorkeling, and a bright red bikini. 😉

We start off by leaving Hatchet Bay with the wind and seas blowing directly into the cut. It was a bumpy ride getting out of the cut, but once we were out, there was definitely no going back.

From there, we nurse 2 sick crew members as we make our way to and through Current Cut – we actually sail all the way through the cut against a stiff current! So proud of Tambi for steering our way through as I worked the sails. Pretty cool experience.

Then onwards to Royal Island where we wait out a short low coming through. Not too much to do here, but it’s a wonderfully protected anchorage – I’d probably rank it as the best overall anchorage for all-round protection in Eleuthera.

Finally, we stop at Meek’s Patch and play with the pigs for a while. We also do a bit of snorkeling while there. Great little island, but don’t tell anybody! We don’t want this to become the next Big Majors uber-touristy “swimming” pig attraction.


6.6.17 Today we moved to Royal Island, Eleuthera. N 25*30.759 W 76*51.008

Molly and I both got sick today. The waves were 3-5 feet. It was a bumpy ride, and not fun.

We went to the grocery store this morning before we left Hatchet Bay and got some needed food items and some fresh produce. I made broccoli alfredo for dinner and we watched a family movie. Molly is finally old enough to be introduced to the first Harry Potter movie! She likes it!

6.7.17 Ben took Molly swimming today. I love when they go off on their own for a few hours for several reasons, 1) I love how they go off and have daddy/daughter time exploring. 2) I get some quiet time alone. 3) They always bring back something cool.

Tonight we will watch the 2nd half of the first Harry Potter. The photo below, is Molly’s face at the end of the movie. After the movie, we called Ben’s Mom, and Dad and his sister Kathy.

6.8.17 Today we hung out on the boat, read, and did the dishes. That afternoon we went swimming for a little bit. We found a super cool large red starfish.

When we got back to the boat, we took showers and then had dinner. After Molly went to bed, Ben and I watched a movie.

6.9.17 Today we moved to Meeks Patch. N 25*31.005 W 76*46.750

We went ashore and found the PIGS! They are so cute and they swim! We fed them popcorn and crackers. We also went snorkeling around. Then when we got back to the boat, our neighbor boat brought us some coronas and some coconut water cans they didn’t want. It turned out to be a great day!

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Posted by on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Eleuthera, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Spelunking The Hatchet Bay Caves

Watch Episode 59 here!

After sailing through the rocky entrance to Hatchet Bay, we anchor the boat and go spelunking in the nearby caves.

Tambi doesn’t like bats, spiders, or the dark. Because of her dislike of those things, I thought it was strange when she wanted to go spelunking in the caves at Hatchet Bay. So spelunking we went!

Tambi did good. In fact, all 3 of us managed to explore the caves without receiving jugular bites from any of the resident flying rodents. If that’s not the measure of a successful caving experience, I don’t know what is!

Let’s see, what else happened… OH! We also got to check out the annual Pineapple Festival on Eleuthera. A pretty cool experience. Loads of friendly Bahamians came out to enjoy the festivities, eat some conch salad, drink a few Vita Malts, and just celebrate life. It was awesome.

While at the Pineapple Festival I was interviewed by the #1 news reporter in the Bahamas. I wish I was able to get the actual footage and audio, but I’ve not yet been able to track it down.


5.28.17 We made our way to Hatchet Bay today. N 25*20.787 W 76*29.339

The Hatchet Bay anchorage was once an “inland lake”. They cut through the rock to the west side of the island to make the entrance. When we got settled in, we went for a walk around to check out the town. We found the laundromat, the beach, and a place to get burgers. At the Twin Brothers we had yummy non-alcoholic daiquiris.

5.29.17 Today we went to the laundromat to wash laundry and we also got ice cream.

Ben and Molly went swimming at the beach after lunch. They found a super cool olive green-black glass bottle from the 19th century made between 1860-1880. Very rare and it was in pretty good shape!

Ben and I watched the 2nd National Treasure.

5.30.17 We hung out on the boat today.

For dinner we ate at the Twin Brothers. It was very good! We met two couples who were also eating there and started chatting with them. One of them is from Texas on vacation. The other couple is from New York, they are building a house in Ten Bay. While they are building their house, they live on a boat at the dock in Hatchet Bay. They live in the states for a few months and in the Bahamas January-July.

Ben and Molly made some friends on the beach. Molly and an adorable little boy chatted and played with rocks. Ben made friends with some school kids who were walking home. He showed them his juggling skills.

Ben and I watched the 1st Austin Powers tonight.

5.31.17 Today we went to the Hatchet Bay Caves. It was very cool! Very dark. There were bats. We went in pretty far, but not as far as the caves go. They go in for a mile at least. There was a string to follow into the cave so you don’t get lost. After the caves we took another side trail and found the west side of the island. We were standing on the the high cliffs. It was so beautiful!

For dinner I made the 15 bean soup. It was so good! We had a great family snuggle in the v-berth. We called Ben’s mom, dad, and sister Kathy tonight.

6.1.17 Today is the 1st day of Hurricane Season and the 1st day of Molly’s birth month! I can’t believe that my girl will be 7 this month! 7! It feels weird to not be planning a birthday party for her. I usually go all out with a theme and food, and games. We invite all our family and friends.

Today we went to the dock to see the Fredericks, the couple we met at the Twin Brothers who lives on their boat. We stayed all day! We got there at 11 and didn’t leave until 6! Time really got away from us, we were enjoying getting to know them, and we had a great time!

6.2.17 Today Keith picked us up at 3:00 and we went to the Pineapple Festival in Gregory Town. We had a great time! Ben got interviewed by a Bahamian news crew. We also met the lady who owns and farms the local pineapple farm.

The wind had shifted 180* while we were gone. When we got back to the boat we looked at the chart plotter and realized we had drug anchor, and we were still dragging! Straight towards the rocks! Ben quickly jumped into action. At this point we were already about 100 yards from where we were anchored. We immediately started the engine and worked to get the bow into the wind. Ben got the snubber off and began pulling up the anchor while I kept it into the wind. We maneuvered around in the dark and repositioned the boat. We reset the anchor with the new wind direction.

6.3.17  Today we moved to the other side of the pond to try and get a better anchor set. N 25*21.050 W 76*29.646

While we were moving a dinghy rode past us and it was Linda and Carl, I met Linda through facebook and they have been watching our videos. We met them over at the Twin Brothers and they treated us to lunch! We really enjoyed chatting with them and we hope to see them again.

We got back to the boat and took showers and Ben and I watched the 2nd Austin Powers movie.

6.4.17 Today we had blueberry muffins for breakfast. After breakfast we went over to the dock and we got water, then we went back to the boat, dropped off the water and got the computer. We went to the Twin Brothers for wifi. We got pink sands, Molly got an OJ and we got some chicken fingers. After that we stopped at the Boaters Haven and got some things from the store. Emmette, the man who owns the Boaters Haven, was a great guy! He gave us one of his CD’s and he gave Molly an ice pop. Emmette was in the process of building showers and a laundry facility for boaters staying in the Hatchet Bay Pond. The closest laundromat is a very long walk away, and there are no public showers in the area. This is going to be a great improvement to the area and a great asset for boaters.

Tonight for dinner Linda and Carl on Escape Pod invited us over. We had a great time visiting with them! After hanging out for a while, we came back to the boat. Ben and I watched the 3rd Austin Powers.

6.5.17 Today we got up and got ready to go to the glass window with Q and Zeke (the couple we met who lives on their boat here in Hatchet Bay). They drove us down to the Glass Window, it was so beautiful! You can read about it here. After we left the Glass Window, they took us to a hidden beach. It was a nice little hike, down to a beautiful beach. Then they took us to the Queens Bath. You can read about the beautiful Queens Bath here. After that, we stopped for lunch at the Laughing Lizard. It was very good. As we were leaving, a guy pulled up in Lenny Kravitz’s jeep. After lunch, on the way back to the boat, we did some exploring looking for Surfers Beach. We never found it.

When we got back to our boat, we got cleaned up a bit, then we had Linda and Carl from Escape Pod over for a visit. They left around 7:30, then we had dinner, showered off and went to bed.

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