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Posted by on Tuesday, February 6, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Beach, Exuma Islands, YouTube Videos | 1 comment

Feeding Wild Iguanas At Bitter Guana

Watch Video 42 here!

Bitter Guana Cay is right around the corner from Staniel Cay, there’s wild iguanas that live on the island and it is a secluded and interesting place. It was only a 1-day stop for us, but we certainly enjoyed the experience.

We had to battle our way into the anchorage, with a very strong Easterly blasting us the whole way. Once we arrived, we were nicely sheltered by the tall limestone cliffs lining the edges of the anchorage. The sand was soft and white, and the holding was excellent.

I always wonder how these islands got their names, and this one, is actually pretty obvious once you set foot on the island. These iguanas actually are bitter. It’s not apparent why they have such a bad attitude towards each other, but they do.

They’ll fight, hiss, huff and puff at each other for hours. Luckily, they don’t share the same distaste for visitors, like us, who shower them with treats… or at least try to. They didn’t seem overly enthused about our cantaloupe rinds, but they did like the squishier pieces.


2.27.17 Today before we left Staniel Cay, we went to the store one last time to get some provisions. After that we left for Bitter Guana Cay. It was a lovely day, we went to shore and played with the iguanas, Ben and Molly went swimming, and we hung out on the boat. We’re headed to Blackpoint tomorrow. Where we hear that there are showers and a laundry facility!!

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Posted by on Monday, February 5, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Beach, Exuma Islands, Snorkeling, YouTube Videos | 2 comments

Staniel Cay, Thunderball Grotto, and Swimming Pigs

Watch Video 41 here! 

In this vlog, we’ll swim at Thunderball Grotto then sail to Big Major’s Spot to see the famous swimming pigs.

I feel like this could be one of our best videos yet. I feel that way, I suppose, because it took be days to edit this thing. We had so much footage from the Big Majors / Staniel Cay area, and we also had a ton of fun while we were there, so I hope that results in a a great video.

Staniel Cay is just great. The cell service is good, they have food, fuel, water, groceries, and just about anything else you could need. It’s a neat island, and the people are just wonderful. Plus, they have Thunderball Grotto – that’s the cool cave that was used in one of the James Bond films… but I can’t recall which film. Oh well…

Right next to Staniel, you have Big Major’s Spot. I like to call that one Pork Island, that’s where you can find the “Swimming Pigs” – although, none of them were actually swimming while we were there – they’ve lost their desire to swim since everyone hand-delivers grub directly to their waiting and overflowing slop tub.

It’s a pretty sterile tourist stop at this point, with 50+ boats anchored off shore while even MORE tour boats ferry in hundreds of paying tourists from Nassau and Georgetown… STILL it’s worth the stop of you’re in the area just for the novelty of the situation, and we did have fun while we were there.


2.18.17 Today we cleaned out the composting toilet. Yuck. Then we left Compass Cay for Staniel Cay.

N 24*10.693 W 76*26.760

We will stay here in Staniel for a few days. We’re going to see Thunderball Grotto, Pig Beach, and explore the town. We need to do some grocery shopping, and to get some fuel and water as well.

After we got anchored and settled in, we went over to Staniel. They have an awesome dinghy landing. We walked to the blue grocery store and then to the pink store to see what they had. We got some things at both stores. We were walking back to town and were looking for the scuba shop to find that it’s been closed. We found Canadian Paul, his friend Leanne, and Jerome from Gamma Gamma in the the Staniel Cay Yacht Club Restaurant. We sat down and chatted for a while. We saw some nurse sharks and sting rays by the marina then went back to the boat.

2.19.17 This morning we got up and went to Thunderball Grotto. It was super cool! We had lunch onboard then we went to town to get the propane tank filled and they were closed. We’ll go back later. We went back to the pink store and got some more groceries. Ben and I watched the first Lord of the Rings.

2.20.17 Today we moved over to Big Majors Spot to hide from some wind coming in. We anchored right next to pig beach!

N 24*11.049 W76*27.491

We went to see the cute little pigs. It was fun, but they were not quite what we expected. There we so many power boats loaded with people wanting to see the pigs. They barely got in the water because they were being fed from a giant slop bucket. In fact, just weeks before we got there, several of the pigs had died because they got sick somehow. After we hung out with the pigs, we went snorkeling. Ben speared two fish for dinner.

2.21.17 Today we moved over to the other side of Big Majors spot for the switching winds. We didn’t like it over there, so we moved back to Thunderball Grotto.

2.22.17 We had a lazy day and night on the boat today. We did some school and Ben did some video editing. There is a lot of wind coming in tonight.

2.23.17 We had some CRAZY wind last night! We didn’t sleep much at all. We stayed on the boat today and did some school.

2.24.17 Today we woke up and did some school. Then we went to lunch at the Staniel Yacht Club. It was very good! We took my computer hoping that it would work, but sadly it didn’t. We started the second Lord of the Rings tonight, Ben was falling asleep so we couldn’t finish it.

2.25.17 This morning we dropped off the propane tank to be filled, we have to pick it up later this afternoon. We came back to the boat, Ben got fuel and water in the jerry cans. We went swimming and snorkeling at Thunderball Grotto again, after lunch. We came back to the boat and showered off. Then we went back to the general store to get our tank and some fresh produce. We got some Bananas, cheese, limes, cantaloupe and tomato.  It was all very fresh and wonderful! After the general store, we went to the blue store and got some other groceries. And Ice Cream! Delicious! Ben and I made some Bahama Mama’s and finished the second Lord of the Rings.

2.26.17 Today we went snorkeling around the islands near Thunderball Grotto. Tomorrow we will be moving to Bitter Guana.

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Posted by on Sunday, February 4, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Beach, Exuma Islands, Snorkeling, YouTube Videos | 1 comment

Lovely Beaches and Swimming with Sharks

Watch Video 40 here!

Our little Endeavour 32 sailboat has brought us to the island of Compass Cay where we’ll swim with sharks.

…blood-thirsty Great White sharks.

Kidding. We swim with Nurse Sharks at the Compass Cay Marina. Lots of fun. There are so many of them! In fact I didn’t realize how large nurse sharks get… many of them are HUGE!

Now, here’s a little thing that I learned. Nurse sharks can bite you. Initially, I thought they were just like big catfish that ate stuff off the bottom. While this is true, many of the things they eat are, fish and crustaceans, so these sharks do have a mouthful of teeth. While very rare, they have been known to bite people.

Of course, I learned all this immediately before jumping in the water with them. We’re all happy to report that we were no bit by sharks while swimming amongst them.

While on Compass Cay, we also go for a bit of a hike, and check out this cool little place called Hester’s Gym. It’s a bit run down, and has really been roughed-up from passing hurricanes, but it’s still a neat little place to check out.


2.15.17 We caught up on school work today. Then we went over to Cambrige Cay and hiked to Bell Rock.

Molly made us all beautiful necklaces from shells she’s found on the beach.

2.16.17 There was a lot of wind and rain today. We caught up on this weeks school work. Bill and Susan came by for a chat before we head in different directions tomorrow. We’re really going to miss those two. I wish I could find some photos of them.

Molly’s Photo from inside a rainy boat.

2.17.17 We moved to Compass Cay today.

N 24*15.284 W 76*31.192

We went ashore to have a look around. It’s a very cool island! We swam with the sharks, took a little hike and had a $16 frozen burger. The burger was good, but not anything special. We checked out Hesters Gym and met the owner of the Island, his name is Tucker.

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Posted by on Friday, October 27, 2017 in Bahamas Anchorages, Exuma Islands, Snorkeling, YouTube Videos | 4 comments

Coral Gardens, Rocky Dundas & Ed Scissorhand’s Island

Watch Video 39 here!

What do Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands, and Sweeney Todd all have in common?

Well, they were all victims to Tambi’s trespassing.

But first, let me tell you about Rocky Dundas…

We knew about Rocky Dundas long before we moved out of our house and began our search for the sailboat. (Thank you Wicked Salty!)

It’s really cool for things to have come full circle, and we are now experiencing things that we were dreaming about not all that long ago. Wow, time does fly by – and I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again… it’s amazing the thing you can accomplish if you make a commitment to reaching your dream and putting consistent effort towards that dream.

Rocky Dundas are 2 little islands, one of which, is mostly hollow on the inside. You access the inside by swimming into small openings on the North side of the Eastern-most island. It’s actually really cool when you get inside there. Both caves have large holes in the roof, so it’s lit up inside. There weren’t a whole lot of fish in there, but it was still quite amazing. Oh – there is quite a coral garden just outside the entrance, so that’s really nice.

Now, I should tell you about the OTHER part… the part where Tambi blatantly trespasses on an island that is owned by non other than Edward Scissorhands HIMSELF! Yes, you read that right. Tambi’s not as innocent as you thought, now is she? Well, she really wanted to have her picture taken on that island, so we did what we could to accommodate.


2.13.17 We left for Little Halls Pond this morning! That is Johnny Depps private island! We can see his beach from where we anchored. N 24*19.193 W 76*33.388

Corret got here shortly after we did. We (Ben, Molly and I) went over to Johnny’s island and Molly and I got our pictures taken on the island! I almost chickened out and Ben had to practically force me to get out of the diggy. He literally drove it up onto the beach. After that I snorkeled around the airplane and then we all snorkeled at the Coral Gardens, Sea Aquarium. It was beautiful snorkeling! It’s so beautiful, it’s probably my favorite place to snorkel here in the Bahamas! After that, we didn’t like the anchorage because of the wind and strong current moving through the cut so we moved to Cambrige Cay. We invited Bill and Susan from Corret over for dinner. We had a great time and really enjoyed spending time with them!

N 24*18.048 W 76*32.391

Johnny Depp’s island!!

2.14.17 Anchored at Rocky Dundas today and went snorkeling and we explored the caves. So cool!! Bill and Susan came too.

N 24*16.645 W 76*32.600

After Rocky Dundas we moved back to Cambrige Cay behind Bell Island- a private island owned by some rich Arabian Sheikh- to hide from the SW wind coming in on Thursday. We’ll stay here until Friday depending on the weather. We’re going to catch up on school and video editing. Molly and I made cookies for dessert tonight for a Valentine’s Day treat.

N 24*18.527 W 76*32.925

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Posted by on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 in Bahamas Anchorages, Exuma Islands, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Boo Boo Hill Blow Hole at Warderick Wells

Watch video 38 here!

Warderick Wells is a great place! It’s inside the Exumas Land & Sea Park – so that means no spearfishing, no trash disposal, no food, no fuel, no water, etc… BUT it does mean that the wildlife and natural scenery is about as raw and untouched as possible.

In this video, we explore the island of Warderick Wells. There are bones of sperm whales, there’s a blow hole, and there’s a hill with a pile of drift wood on it.

Tambi LOVES the blow hole. It really is cool. It think we were there around low tide because the hole was blowing only air – no water. That’s my amateur analysis anyways, as I have very little experience with blow holes.

Oh yeah! We also add our little piece of driftwood to the pile at the top of the hill. Apparently it’s some sort of ritualistic thing that’s supposed to give you good luck. I don’t know about all that “luck” stuff – but it is cool to have our contribution added to the pile.


2.11.17 Left Shroud Cay today for Warderick Wells. Very bumpy ride. N 24*23.191 W 76*37.939

2.12.17 Went over to the island today. Boo Boo Hill and the Blow Hole were awesome! There was a giant sperm whale skeleton on the beach. We went on a nice little hike up to Boo Boo Hill. We left an offering to Neptune on the pile and played over the Blow Hole. Bill and Susan from Corret found us today and anchored nearby. They came over and hung out on our boat for awhile, then we had dinner on their boat.

Do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many.

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Posted by on Monday, August 21, 2017 in Bahamas Anchorages, Beach, Exuma Islands, YouTube Videos |

Private Beaches & Sail Repair At Shroud Cay

Watch Video 37 Here!

I ripped the mainsail. Yep – ripped it good.
So, in this video we fix the sail with sail tape and thread.

Exciting stuff.

Oh, there’s a lot of footage of Tambi in a bikini – so that’s always good.

There’s also this bit where Tambi jumps in the water with a shark.
By the way – did you know that sharks LOVE oatmeal?

Who would have known?

Then, there’s this great part that shows you a ton of footage of a wonderful day at a private beach. Oh man, it was so great.

So relaxing. What a great little day we had together. Molly and I snorkeled around a bit while Tambi worked on her tan.

Just a lovely day, in a lovely place – Shroud Cay!


2.7.17 We moved to Shroud Cay today. N 24*31.473 W 76*47.785 We tore our mainsail today because we forgot to take off one of the bunt lines. When we first got to Shroud, I jumped into the water to wash my hair. I saw what I THOUGHT was a shark right before I jumped in the water, so we stuck the GoPro down in the water to check it out, turns out it was just a Remora. A giant Remora. I was terrified to jump in, but I faced my fears, and did it. Man was it scary! (If you don’t know, I have a legitimate fear of sharks, and pretty much anything that has the potential to bite me in the water) After that, Molly worked on her scrapbook of our family and friends while Ben and I worked on the sail repair. Good thing Will didn’t use all of our sail tape! Haha! We think we did a pretty good job!

I just can not get over the beauty of the sunsets here in the Bahamas. Everyone is different and I can’t pass up the opportunity to take a photo of one! Tonight, Ben and I had a little date night and we watched the second Hobbit.

2.8.17 We moved closer to the island today to get better wind protection from the incoming cold front.

N 24*31.906 W 76*47.759

Then, we went to the beach and had such a great day! This beach is so beautiful and we had it all to ourselves! Imagine that, a private Bahamian beach all to our onesies to explore, and swim in the crystal clear water. Can it get any better? Ben and Molly went snorkeling and I walked along the beach and enjoyed the quiet time alone. After we got back to the boat, we rinsed off and Ben gave Molly a much needed hair cut. Now, it’s not so hot on her neck, and it’s not so hard to take care of.

2.9.17 The wind made it pretty rolly today, so we had a really lazy day on the boat. We caught up on some school, played Kingdom Rush on the Kindle and colored in our coloring books.  We were treated with a beautiful full moon shining on the water tonight.

2.10.17 We spent the day on the boat again. It was pretty much the same as yesterday. We fed the Remoras under the boat some oats. There are TONS of them! We also met Mark and Cindy from S/V Creampuff! We met them through the blog, and they just happened upon us today! Check out their blog here. So exciting!

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