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Posted by on Monday, January 23, 2017 in ICW Travel, Living Aboard, South Carolina, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Cruising Charming Charleston

Watch Episode 23 here!

Ah Charleston –

Probably the nicest city we’ve stopped at so far, and absolutely the WORST anchorage. Good grief! Ripping current, trashy bottom, & dragging anchors make for a pretty sketchy anchoring experience.

Still, the city is one that should not be missed if you are cruising through the area.

In this video, watch as I take a spin on a child’s playground fixture and nearly barf all over the place. I think I hit a speed of roughly 1200 RPM at one point.


11.9 Today we woke up and left for Charleston. When we got to Charleston, we just stayed on the boat for the evening. Ben took the diggy off so we can explore tomorrow. Ben and Molly went for a little diggy ride and found Canadian Paul. N32*46.783 W79*57.588


1.10 Today we got up and did some homeschool. After school and breakfast, we got ready and went to Charleston. We rode a bus into the downtown area and walked through the craft market, we got some fudge, and went to the waterfront park. We had lunch and played on the playground. We walked back to the marina where the diggy is through battery park. When we got back to the boat we finished homeschool. We had Canadian Paul over for dinner. He brought Molly a hat from Charleston and Ben and I a bottle of wine. He is a really great guy and we are glad to have gotten the chance to get to know him. Tomorrow we leave here to make our way to Beaufort SC.




11.11 Today we left Charleston and anchored in Church Creek. Nothing here but grass and water. There is a lot of smoke in the air from the wildfires. Heading to the Ashepoo River tomorrow before Beaufort. N32*42.580 W80*11.024

11.12 Ashepoo River tonight:  Motor sailed a lot today, got up to 9 knots! Beaufort SC tomorrow. Had yummy homemade chicken noodle soup with dumplings for dinner. N32*32.170 W80*25.194


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Posted by on Monday, January 23, 2017 in ICW Travel, Living Aboard, South Carolina, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Georgetown, SC

Watch Episode 22 Here!

Speaking strictly of the anchorage itself, its probably my favorite anchorage thus far. It takes a bit of tight maneuvering to get your boat tucked in, but once you set the hook, you can enjoy this beautiful place that much more. Calm, quiet, protected, and convenient access to all that Georgetown, SC has to offer.

Lot’s of excitement in this video! We get groceries, do laundry, and walk around a whole lot. If that’s the kind of thing that gets you excited – buckle up buddy… we’re about to knock your socks off!

Jokes aside, we truly enjoy this stop and highly recommend it to other folks who are traveling through this area.


11.4 to 11.7 Made it to Georgetown SC today. Georgetown is a cute little town. Nice spot to anchor. We plan to stay here for a couple days. N33*21.962 W79*17.124

In Georgetown we walked to the grocery store and stocked up on some things we needed. We hung out with the crew from Baila a lot too. We also decided to switch from AT&T to T Mobil because they have unlimited data, talk and text. Also, we can use data and text in the Bahamas at no extra charge. We meet up with Ron and Mindy of SV Follow Me and met the couple on SV Let It Be. As we were walking to T Mobil, we realized that we’ve been here before! This is where the Aloha boat is, that we decided to see while we were in Maryland the first time to see our boat. It was trippy to be walking down the road and recognize the hotel we stayed in.



11.7 We left Georgetown this afternoon after leaving T Mobil. We went to South Santee River with Baila. N33*08.751 W79*18.839

11.8 Today we anchored in Whiteside Creek. We took a diggy ride with Baila to a beach up the river. It was so beautiful! We had dinner on Baila. N32*52.307 W79*42.846



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Posted by on Friday, January 6, 2017 in ICW Travel, Living Aboard, North Carolina | 1 comment

Pals, Pigs, & Poltergeist In Wrightsville Beach

Alrighty, it’s time to tour Wrightsville Beach! This coastal town is certainly ranks as one of our favorite stops along the Intercoastal Waterway. Nice anchorage, wonderful sunsets, and loads of dolphins.

We make new friends, we see a pig being pushed around in a stroller, and Molly gets to go trick or treating. You won’t believe how much candy she hauls back to the boat! The kid is a candy magnet.

The boat is doing great, we’re doing wonderful as a family, and we have absolutely no regrets of our decision to embark on this sailing adventure. It’s been 100% incredible.


Watch Video 21 here!

10.29 Left early for Wrightsville Beach NC today. N34*12.489 W77*47.935

Homeschool on the boat.

10.30 Today we went ashore and went to the beach twice! We saw a pig in a cart, and went grocery shopping. We spent the evening with Scott and Kitty on their boat.

10.31 Today we went ashore and walked to the pier. Scott and Kitty introduced us to the family on the boat Baila. They have 3 girls ages 13, 10, and 6. We went trick or treating with them. We had a great time!

11.1 We left Wrightsville Beach this morning. We anchored in Dutchman’s Creek. We meet Ron and Mindy from the Cat “Follow Me”. They are a great couple and lots of fun! Molly and Mindy played pirates and Molly and Ron had a water gun fight. Mindy gave Molly a pirate eye patch! N33*55.180 W78*02.648

11.2 Anchored in Little Creek tonight. N33*52.478 W78*34.239

11.3 We left Little Creek this morning. We saw a lot of Hurricane damage on the ICW through Myrtle Beach area. We saw a swam in the water. An airplane flew right over our heads. It was crazy close! We anchored in the Waccamaw River tonight. Nothing here. Beautiful. We took showers on the deck with the solar shower. There were hundreds of mosquitos outside! N33*40.343 W79*04.085

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Posted by on Thursday, December 29, 2016 in ICW Travel, Living Aboard, North Carolina, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Bucket Bathing & Carnivorous Ponies

Morning breaks, and we breathe a collective sigh of relief… we’ve survived the night-long onslaught of a billion unidentifiable, nocturnal flying insects.

After counting her lucky stars, Tambi dons her skimpiest bikini and submerges her head in a bucket of lukewarm water in an attempt to cleanse her fabulously dirty hair. Oh, the subtle joys of boat living!

Later on, we stretch our legs as we explore a seldom-visited island whose only inhabitants are a carnivorous herd of man-eating ponies. Yes, you read it right – these bloodthirsty pintos have acquired an insatiable taste for human flesh. Naturally, we tread lightly during this foolhardy excursion as we tread deeper into the heart of Carrot Island.


Watch Video 20 here!

10.19 Today we left Great Bridge. We traveled along the ICW and stopped in Coinjock, NC for a “famous” flyswatter (Aras said we should). We got fuel and water then continued on. We anchored for the night right off the channel. It was a beautiful sunset. As soon as the sun went down, 1000’s of 1000’s of weird bugs we later learned were fuzzybills, covered our boat. We could hear them swarming outside. Thank goodness for our screens. We plugged the vent holes and turned our as many lights as we could to try and keep them away. N36*16.041 W75*57.359

10.20 Beautiful Day. Beautiful quiet little cove just off the channel. Washed my hair in a bucket today and shaved my legs. Played trouble as a family. Great dinner tonight and beautiful sunset. N35*40.119 W76*02.113

These are the bugs we woke up to! All over our boat!

10.21 Lovely foggy morning. Moved to Belhaven, NC today. Went ashore this evening. Belhaven wasn’t our favorite stop. We really didn’t need anything from the store so we didn’t make the mile walk. We tried to get some pizza from a restaurant, and the oven was broken. So we left and had Ravioli on the boat. We also met Canadian Paul in Belhaven his boat name is Ariba II.  It got really windy tonight, the sound and the water was crazy. N35*32.188 W76*37.575

10.22 Stayed anchored in Belhaven today due to the high winds. We had a great day. We also cleaned some, I cleaned the stove, Ben and I cleaned the composting toilet. Leaving tomorrow.


10.23 Anchored in Brown Creek today. 2 other boats came and anchored near us. We got the diggy out and we went and just explored the area a bit. One of the boats anchored near us Tamare (Scott and Kitty) asked us to come over for snacks and drinks. They knew the couple on the other boat, Corrett (Bill and Susan) and invited them as well. They are some great people! Scott and Kitty have gone around the world twice. And Bill and Susan do this trip from Maine where they live to the Bahamas every 5 years. N35*05.577 W76*36.299


10.24 Went from Brown Creek to Oriental today. We saw dolphins this morning leaving the creek. They were pretty cool. There were probably 100 of them. They were feeding and you could tell where a group of them were because the birds were swarming around them. When we got to Oriental, we went to shore and walked around. We went to West Marine, a local Provisioning/Marine store, and Piggly Wiggly. We ate lunch at a really good little deli. We went to the local coffee shop called The Bean for wifi. We got coffee and ice cream. The coffee was amazing. Probably the best iced vanilla latte I’ve ever had. We also took showers tonight! YAY! N35*01.386 W76*42.000

10.25 We stayed in Oriental again today. We really like this town. Today we went over in the diggy again and walked to the marine consignment shop (because it was closed yesterday when we went by.) with Bill and Susan. We also went to the coffee shop again for more coffee and ice cream. I just cant get enough. I worked on the blog and we went to the playground. We went over to Bill and Susan’s boat for dinner.


New Friend Susan!


10.26 We left Oriental today for Beaufort NC. There are loads of boats here in Taylor Creek. We Anchored by Carrot Island. Carrot Island has wild ponies on it. So we will try to see them tomorrow. We went to town and walked around. We went to the free North Carolina Maritime Museum and had dinner at a yummy little place I can’t remember the name of. We rode around the anchorage in the diggy and we did see some ponies on shore. We couldn’t get too close though because we ran aground with the diggy motor. Saw a pretty cool pirate ship someone built out of a sailboat. N34*42.955 W76*40.120

10.27 Stayed in Beaufort NC again today. We went to Carrot Island and did not see any ponies. We did see the backside of one quickly disappearing into the woods, but we lost him. We could hear them, but we couldn’t get to them. We went to town and did some laundry and uploaded a video. We really like Beaufort, but we didn’t really care for the anchorage.

Just a little late night coloring.

10.28 Today we left Beaufort and went to Mile Hammock near camp LaJune. N*34.33.128 W77*19.427

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Posted by on Wednesday, December 28, 2016 in ICW Travel, Living Aboard, Virginia, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Entering the ICW!

In this post, we say farewell to the Chesapeake, and we begin traveling South via the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, AKA…

The Ditch.

From here, there are 1000 miles of “The Ditch” for us to navigate before we reach Miami. Still, there are so many great sights to see along the way that we are really looking forward to this part of the trip.

By the way – things are going just great! The only regret we have at this point is that we didn’t make the decision to embark on this adventure a whole lot sooner. It’s just plain amazing in so many ways.

Watch Video 19 here!

10.14 We left really early today because we had a long day ahead of us. I was so windy when we got into the Potomac. The waves were crashing over the bow of the boat and were probably 5 or 6 feet high. I was so sick that I couldn’t move. We tried to go South to test the waters for when we turned the point and it was even worse. We decided to retreat and go to the north side of the river to hide for the night. N 38*02.744 W 76*19.837

10.15 Last night was weird in the little cove we were hiding in from the winds. The boat was moving around all kids of different ways. Today we woke up and the river was MUCH smoother. We have just a few more days until we get to Norfolk. We got moving this morning after breakfast and anchored in this beautiful little cove with about 6 other sailboats. Beautiful sunset and beautiful full moon tonight. N 37*32.327 W 76*20.235

10.16 Today we traveled about 7 hours. We got to a marina down Sarah’s Creek for fuel and they were closed, so we just tied up to the fuel dock for the night. We spoke to a nice couple and they gave us the bathroom code. We took a wonderful shower, then we went to eat dinner at the restaurant here at the marina. It was very good. After dinner we found a laundry room and washed all our clothes and sheets and towels! YAY! N 37*45.429 W 76*28.704

10.17 Today we woke up early to get ready for the fuel dock to open at 9. We got everything ready to go, so that when they opened, we could grab some fuel and water and get on our way. We traveled until 4:30 when we landed in Norfolk. We passed the Naval Base and all the super cool ships on the way. Tonight we ancored in a little cove near the large container ship loading docks. There was a pretty cool rocket launch that we watched from the boat. The rocket went off at a NASA Base in Virginia. All we could see was an orange/red light streaking through the dark sky. Tomorrow, we enter the ICW!! N36*54.352′ W76*18.628

10.18 Today we enter the ICW! Yay! We wanted to go down the Dismal Swamp route but due to hurricane Matthew bringing in high waters, they have closed it. Sad day. On the way to Great Bridge, we went under our first ever bridges and through our first ever lock. We docked at the free dock in Great Bridge for the night and walked to the store. We stocked up on groceries and got a propane bottle refilled. We got CHEESE and MILK (!) I made white chicken chili for dinner and we had milk and Oreos for desert. N 36*43.248 W 76*14.292

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Posted by on Wednesday, December 28, 2016 in Boat Projects, Living Aboard, Maryland | 0 comments

Mast Climbing and Fun Times!

We’ve officially started making progress South!

So many things to learn along the way. It’s amazing all of the little skills that need to be acquired in order to become competent and safe sailors – but we’re chipping away a bit each day and becoming more and more capable as things progress.

Beautiful sights. Sunrises, sunsets, and everything in between has become beautiful in it’s own unique and individual way. So much life and energy out there on the water.

Watch Video 18 here!

10.9 Today I worked on the blog, and Ben uploaded a video to YouTube with the Casa Rio wifi. We went for a 3 mile (round trip) walk to a little convince store for some things we were getting low on (IE: RAVIOLI). We invited Aras over for dinner tomorrow before we leave on Tuesday.

10.10 Today Molly and I did Homeschool and Ben worked on the next video. He also went up the mast today! He was pretty scared. Molly and I thought it was funny. We had Aras over for dinner tonight to say goodbye and thank you for all his help. We rowed over to the Casa Rio Marina again for showers before we leave tomorrow!


10.11 Today, we woke up, had breakfast and got ready to head out. We left the dock around 9:30 and we went south for about 6 hours. We anchored in Hill Point tonight and head out tomorrow morning for Solomans Island. N 38*33.157′ W 76*17.043′


10.12 Today we headed out for Solomans Island, where we anchored for the night. We took a dingy ride over to a dingy dock at the hotel and walked to the grocery story, West Marine and had BurgerKing for dinner. N 38*20.317′ W 76*27.583


10.13 Tonight we anchored in Glebe Creek. It was a beautiful spot. Beautiful sunrise and sunset. Crossed into Virginia today! N 37*59.536′ W 76*29.005

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