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Posted by on Thursday, November 15, 2018 in Florida, Georgia, Visiting Family, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

3 Weeks Away From Sandflea

Watch episode 75 here!

We go home, we stay 3 weeks, then we go back to Sandflea. That’s the jist.

Let’s see, what else?

Oh, Tambi drives a car for the first time in over a year. It was terrifying. She did alright though. Once the gravel stopped flying, and we tightened our seat belts to the point of maximum tension, things settled down. It was funny because we felt like we were FLYING, even though we were doing 35 in a 55mph zone.

This was a tough period of time to be away from the boat. Prior to this trip, we’ve not been away from the Sandflea for more than a few hours at a time. It’s stressful, and there are so many bad things that can happen while your away. It’s just part of the life though, and something we’ll have to get used to.

So after our 3 weeks back home, we return to the boat to see how she faired after being all by her lonesome. Hopefully there aren’t cockroaches, spiders, mold, and who knows what else on the inside.


July 24-August 13

We spend in Georgia. We visit with friends and family. We have playdates. I get sick. Ben and I celebrate our 12 year wedding anniversary. Molly spends tons of time with Grandparents. It was a great 3 weeks!

August 14-28

We head back to the boat. We do some boat work, check out the town of Green Cove Springs, and try (thanks rain!) to witness the eclipse. We also drive down to Melbourne, FL for my aunts surprise birthday party. On the way there is when our phone died and we lost all the photos I hadn’t yet had a chance to export onto the computer.

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Posted by on Sunday, October 28, 2018 in Florida, Georgia, Visiting Family, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Leaving our Sailboat and Traveling to Georgia

Watch Epidsode 74 here!

In this post, we prepare our sailboat to be alone for a while, then we travel back to GA to visit our family.

Tambi cleans the oven while wearing her alluring mermaid leggings. Always entertaining. That’s probably the highlight of the video to be honest. You can go ahead and leave a thumbs up after that bit, then move onto something else.

Yes, it’s painful to drive away from the boat after it’s been such an important part of our lives for the last 9 months.

What the heck is it about boats that gives them a kind of human quality? I mean, we call the boat “her” and “she”. Why is that? It’s tough to explain the bond that you form with a boat, but none-the-less, the bond is certainly there. For whatever reason, it’s that bond that makes it difficult to drive away and leave the boat behind.

Lastly, we make a spontaneous stop at my Grandparents house. They are undeniably very happy to see us.


7.19.17 So today, we cleaned the stove/oven. We took it off it’s gimbal, and did a major deep cleaning. Ben also installed “heat shields” because the oven gets a little hot and kind of burns dark spots in the wood by the door opening.

7.20-7.21.17 These two days we were just cleaning and organizing everything on the boat getting ready to go back to Georgia for a much needed visit with family and friends!

Since we were so busy working on our to-do list, we didn’t record anything.

And (incase you didn’t read this in an earlier post) sadly, at the end of August 2017, our phone died, and we lost ALL of our photos from the end of June through most of August. I cried. Really. A lot. So there are no photos of these days.

7.22.17 Today we did a major clean out of the composting potty. We’ve put it in “no-use” mode. As long as we’re tied up to a dock with marina bathrooms within walking distance, we’ve decided not to use the potty on the boat.

Tonight we met up with some fans for dinner! We had a great time!

7.23.17 Driving home back to Georgia today! We are so excited to see everyone! Yay!

Our MAJOR to-do list we needed to complete before we could come home to GA.

Saying goodbye to the good ship Sandflea. See you soon girl!

Finally being able to see family was such a treat!

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Posted by on Friday, October 26, 2018 in Boat Projects, Florida, ICW Travel, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Reynolds Yacht Park in Green Cove Springs, FL

Watch Episode 73 here!

Our sailboat’s new (temporary) home is Reynolds Yacht Park in Green Cove Springs, FL. Nice town, BIG dock.

Yes, the dock we’re tied to is HUGE. It’s made of concrete and is, in fact, a dock that was used by the US Navy during WW2.

Reynolds Marina is pretty nice!. The price is $10/ft per month. That includes dockage, water, bathroom, laundry, and clubhouse access. Electricity is added on top. Easy access to the ICW, and far enough inland to provide pretty decent hurricane protection.

During this video, we get the boat settled in and start prepping for leaving the boat to fend for itself while we head back to GA to visit our family. That means… LOTS of work, believe it or not.

We also procure some wheels for ourselves. 6 wheels to be exact. 2 are on “The Gator”, the other 4 are on the Yaris… AKA… The Land Dinghy.


7.13.17 today we left the free dock in Jacksonville at 11:30 to make once daily noon bridge opening. Traveling through Jacksonville by water is so cool. Especially since I have so many memories of traveling through it by car growing up. We went under interstate 95 which I’ve driven/ridden over hundreds of times it feels like. My dad loved looking at the train bridge that you can see from 95.

After a short day, we arrived at the Reynolds Marina and got tied up to the dock. This is our last GPS coordinate for a while!

N 29*59.359 W 81*39.690

We got checked in to the marina and we’ve already met some nice live aboard folks. Someone from down the dock gave us a bike to ride around. We ordered a pizza from Dominoes and got the AC hooked up for the night.

7.14.17 Today we got an UBER and went to a used car dealership to see about getting some wheels. We bought a Toyota Yaris and we named him Aris the Yaris. We went to Walmart and got Molly a booster seat and some other things we needed.

We came back to the boat and had some dinner then took showers! Ben and I watched “The Office” on Netflix.

7.15-16.17 These days are kinda a blur. We took no video. We were just hard at work.  We took down the sails, cleaned the bottom of the dinghy and hoisted it up onto the davits. We cleaned the deck, and did some random boat projects to get ready to go back to Georgia. I also sewed a sheet for our bed in the marina clubhouse while Molly watched cartoons on Youtube.

7.17.18 Today we went to Jacksonville to do some errands. We dropped our sails off at a sail loft to be repaired, looked over, and to have new sun covers made. We also went to Home Depot to get stuff to finish working on the AC unit, back to Walmart, and to West Marine. We also went to Monkey Fist at the Green Cove Springs Marina.

7.18.17 Today Ben made a hood for the AC unit, and we installed the AC unit in the rear hatch. Ben did some random boat projects like emptying out the jerry cans of water, and fuel. He also changed the oil in the dinghy motor.

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Free ICW Dock In Jacksonville, FL

Watch Episode 72 here!

On the St John’s River in Jacksonville, FL, there’s a free dock that we’ve tied our Endeavour 32 sailboat to.

A number of noteworthy things occur in this post, despite a distinct lack of footage/photos for this particular time period…

(If you watch the video)

1) You’ll witness Tambi’s rendition of the timeless Macarena dance.

2) You’ll gasp at the grandeur of the No-See-Um 2.0 Defense System.

3) You’ll see lots of boats and stuff go by a touch of stylish flare.

4) You’ll enjoy watching us and a family of strangers, eat ice cream.



7.12.17 Today we DOCKED at Jacksonville Metropolitan Park free dock! N 30*19.160 W 81*38.455

We are going to dinner tonight with Mike and his family tonight.

We’ll get to Reynolds Marina tomorrow!

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Posted by on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 in Florida, ICW Travel, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

When a No-see-um Swarm Attacks

Watch Episode 71 here!

In the Florida ICW swamp, a No See Um swarm descends upon our sailboat and her crew. A horrible night ensues.

2 of the absolute worst nights we’ve experienced has been caused by something roughly the size of a poppy seed. Of course, there are millions of them, they sneak into the boat through tiny cracks, and they feast on your flesh while you sleep…

I’m referring to the dreaded NO SEE UM!

Yes indeed, what a horrible little insect.

We do, in fact, have specially designed screens on our boat that are supposed to protect us from insects. The screens do an excellent job of keeping mosquitos away, but they’re simply no match for the minuscule size of the no see um… they slip right though the screens.

Since the screens are of no use, what we have to do is physically close up every single orifice in any way we possibly can. This practice is actually very effective at keeping no see ums out of the boat, however, it’s also equally effective at keeping oxygen out. DOH!

So in this post you’ll see us suffering through a no see um attack, and you’ll also get to see us traveling about through Daytona Beach and a few other spots as well.

Then, the cherry of the video… you’ll experience first hand one of Tambi’s hidden talents. She can actually tie a knot in a cherry stem using nothing more than her tongue. Ohhhhh mama!


7.8.17 Today we stopped in New Smyrna. N 29*00.906 W 80*54.728

We watched part of the Incredibles movie with Molly. Then we had an ATTACK of no-see-ums! They were crazy and they were everywhere!! So annoying. Luckily, it rained today, so it wasn’t too hot. We had to completely close up the boat and tape it shut to keep the annoying little monsters out.

7.9.17 We made it to Daytona today. N 29*11.947 W 81*00.337

We went ashore to walk around and get lunch. Lunch was super good. Molly also hid a rock that had a sunshine on it. Apparently it’s a new fad to hide rocks around places for people to find. Molly likes it, so why not? Ben and I watched Harry Potter number 6 tonight.

7.10.17 Today we anchored by Fort Matanzas. N 29*42.986 W 81*14.463

There was some rain and thunderstorms today. We could not get our anchor to grab. We kept dragging anchor and it took us a few tries to get it really dug in.

7.11.17 We anchored in Shell Bluff Landing today. But first we stopped at the St. Augustine fuel dock and we got fuel and water. We met a great guy named Steve.

N 30*00.195 W 81*20.302

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Posted by on Thursday, October 18, 2018 in Florida, ICW Travel, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Tam’s Fab FL Fam & 4th Of July Fireworks

Watch Episode 70 here!

Pine Island, Tambi’s Family, Fireworks, & Harry Potter. That would be a fitting title for this episode, because that’s essentially what you’ll see in this post.

Lot’s more ICW travel. Yes, the goodship Sandflea has been reduced to a motorboat now that we are traveling the confining waters of the ICW. It’s alright though – it’s all part of the adventure.

We stop at Pine Island for a night. Pretty secluded place, and a nice anchorage as long as you aren’t planning on getting of the boat.

From there, it’s onward to Melbourne, Florida. That’s the land where Tambi’s kin reside. Tambi’s kin are a little crazy, by the way. Also, you’ll get to see the person that Molly inherited her dancing genes from. I’ll keep that bit as a surprise.

There are fireworks and festivities. There are chick wings and hotdogs. Yes , a grand time was enjoyed while we were anchored in the Eau Gallie Yacht Basin in Melbourne, Fl.

After all that stuff, we weigh anchor and continue our trek North towards Green Cove Springs.

Then there’s a bit of lightning. I hate lightning…


7.3.17 We are back at Pine Island, where we anchored for the night. N 27*43.220 W 80*23.886

7.4.17 Happy 4th of July! Today we moved to Eau Gallie Yacht basin. Right back in the same spot we were in on the way South. N 28*07.476 W 80*37.611

My Mom picked us up at the marina and took us to Aunt Kim’s house. We ate, and hung out. There was swimming and fireworks. It was a great time! Then they took us back to the boat.

7.5.17  Today my childhood friend Gary came to the park and we spent some time hanging out and talking. I haven’t seen him in 5 years. After that Aunt Kim picked us up and we went to lunch at Chic-Fil-A! It was so good! Then we went shopping at walmart. Aunt Kim dropped us off at the boat and took Molly to her house for a sleepover with Khora, my cousins daughter. Ben and I ordered Chinese food, they delivered it to the park and we watched Harry Potter number 5.

The kids watched a rocket take off today.

They also had a princess dinner. They are just the cutest.

7.6.17 Today we cleaned up on the boat. Then Aunt Kim picked us up. We went to Academy Sports. Then we went back to her house. We had lunch then the girls went swimming. Ben and I took showers and Molly got a shower. Then we went to dinner at Wagon Wheel Pizza. They dropped us off at the boat after dinner. We are heading out tomorrow.

7.7.17 We made it to Titusville today. N 28*38.951 W 80*48.704

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