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Posted by on Wednesday, August 5, 2015 in Cleaning out | 0 comments

Cleaning out the Linen Closet.

Today I cleaned out the linen closet, one of the MANY things on our house preparation to do list. We have a total of 5 bath towels and 4 sets of sheets now, with a few other things in there, it’s looking pretty bare from what it looked like before. Stuffed full of towels, sheets, blankets, and comforters.

linen closet after


Our house is slowing changing. It’s becoming less cluttered and I can feel the excitement growing in the air of whats to come for us. There is stuff everywhere in our house, it’s amazing to see how much stuff you really have when you pull it all out.

It feels so good to start getting rid of things but at the same time it’s a tough process. Everything you pick up to decide “should it stay, or should it go?” has some memory tied to it. At least to me, Ben not so much. I am such a sentimental person, that it is very difficult for me to let go of most things. Even if its a bed sheet from when I was 16 and no longer even own a twin bed. My thought is, it’s still in good shape, I love the pattern, one day Molly will have a twin bed, she’ll be able to use it, so it stays.

I never thought that I, a self proclaimed “sentimental pack-rat” would ever get rid of my possessions quite to this extent. But, I’m slowly learning that I have to be ruthless when it comes to getting rid of stuff if I want this Caribbean sailboat adventure to become a reality. If you haven’t noticed how small sailboats actually are, downsizing and purging is very important to our goal. Also, we don’t want to have to pay for a storage facility and we don’t want to burden our family with storing our stuff in their homes. We have a small building that we will be storing things in that we are not taking, like family furniture, winter clothing (because who needs that in the Bahamas?) and kitchen stuff that we will be using when we get back. So if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t stay.

In the end, it felt really good to go through the linen closet and get rid of things that I thought “maybe one day we will use it” but never do, like that old comforter Ben had when we got married. Even if you are not planning to get rid of ¾ of your belongings and sail around the Caribbean, I highly recommend purging old stuff that just isn’t used anymore. It’s very freeing to know that you don’t have all that extra “stuff” weighing you down. To be able to live a simpler lifestyle with less material possessions and more adventure. Sure it’s hard now, but just think of all the things you can do in your life with less clutter! I’m not saying to go out and get rid of EVERYTHING you own right now, I’m just saying take a step back and examine your life. Is it where you wanted to be? If it is, good for you!  If it’s not, decide where you want to go, (make some lists) and DO IT!

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