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Posted by on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 in Boats, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Boat search in Florida | Part Two

July 10-16 2016

In the second half of our trip to Savannah, we head South to Palm Bay Florida where I (Tambi) has family. We stayed with my Aunt and Uncle while we check out some more boats. You can watch the video here. 

While we’re there, we end up seeing a Watkins 33, a Endeavour 37, a Hunter 30, and a Rival 34.

The Watkins and the Endeavour were up on blocks. It was super weird to climb the ladder and go on these boats. We’ve never been on a boat that was on the hard like that before. Super creepy.

The Watkins is a great boat and it has a lot of storage. This particular boat, however, needs A TON of work. There were some visible leaks around the chain plates, the running rigging needs to be replaced, the cockpit needed some obvious repairs, and it needed a bottom job big time. It had been out of the water sitting in the yard for about 8 months and we didn’t even know if it ran properly.

Water in the bilge.

Leaky chain plate.

Next we saw the Endeavour 37. I LOVE Endeavour 37’s. This was the first one we have actually been on, but I’ve seen photos of them. Let me tell you, I could totally live on one of those. However, Ben said this one, wasn’t an option because 1) he thinks it’s too big and 2) he thinks it’s a money pit and it needs too much work. He also said that any Endeavour 37 that is in good enough shape for us to purchase, would be WAY out of our price range. Man was I bummed. These boats don’t have a designated V-Berth. The V is where the salon area is. There is a fully enclosed quarter berth on the port side right next to the head and another good sized quarter berth on the starboard side. I felt like Ben and I could both sleep in there and just leave the salon area the way it is, or we could convert the V into basically a king sized bed. The galley was awesome and there was plenty of storage! The down sides of this boat were some soft spots on the deck, and the rigging was not in very good shape. Maybe one day I will get my Endeavour 37, but for now……

We look elsewhere.

Our next stop was a Hunter 30. The Hunter was beautiful. If it had been 3 to 5 feet longer, and not a Hunter we probably would have bought it on the spot. It had been well maintained and it was by far the cleanest boat we have seen so far. The owners were such great people and we probably spent 3-4 hours on their boat. They told us everything we could possibly need to know about this boat. It did need a bottom job and it also needed to be painted on the top side. I really did like this boat, but we are still worried that a 30 footer will end up being too small in the long run.

The last boat we saw on this trip was a  Rival 34. It was a pretty unique and awesome boat. This boat has crossed the Atlantic. It’s a hardcore blue water ocean crosser. It had tiller steering, a wind-vane, and tons of storage. The most impressive thing about this boat, was the BRAND NEW engine. Ben took one look at that thing and fell in love. As much as we really did like this boat. We just didn’t get the feelings we thought we needed to have. Also, it had a small little bimini on it and there really was no other way to put a larger one on. There were just some things about this boat that made us feel like it wasn’t the one.

As far as we’re concerned, this was a great trip. It was very educational for us to get on more boats and put together a better idea of what we are looking for in a boat. The next trip we take is going to be to Washington, North Carolina and Charleston, South Carolina. Until then, happy sails.

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