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Posted by on Thursday, November 15, 2018 in Maryland, YouTube Videos | 0 comments

Annapolis Boat Show October 2017

Watch episode 78 here!

In this post we travel to the Annapolis Sailboat Show. We walkthrough boats, talk to fans, and enjoy a relaxing day in our element.

This is actually the 2nd time we’ve been to this boat show. The first time was right before hurricane Mathew back in 2016 – right around the time we bought our Endeavour 32. It was cold and rainy that year. This time the weather was much more pleasant.

We spent most of out time just wandering around, looking at all the fancy boats, and talking with a whole lot of good folks that enjoy our videos. There’s a wonderful vibe at these shows. So many great people who all share the passion of sail.

I’ve tried to make this video have a slower pace. Not a whole lot of ambient music and punchy effects throughout. I wanted to try to show people what it’s like to casually enjoy the show – tour some cool boats – and give the feeling like they’re actually there. That’s the intent, anyways – I hope it’s enjoyable.


You always have to get a photo of your family in front of the Welcome to Virginia sign.

It’s always a pleasure when we get to see Behan from Sailing Totem and we met Capt. Murphy, the man we bought our boat from!

Our new friends Karen and Paul took us out for a wonderful lunch!

It was a beautiful day at the boat show!

We met a lot of great people. I was even star struck, when we met Tasha Hacker from Chase the Story and Brittany Meyers from the blog Windtraveler.

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