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Posted by on Thursday, September 6, 2018 in Bahamas Anchorages, Eleuthera | 0 comments

Abandoned Navy Base At Alabaster Bay, Eleuthera

Watch Episode 58 here!

We anchor our sailboat in Alabaster Bay to explore the abandoned navy base on Eleuthera.

There’s not much around the area, especially by foot. No restaurants, no laundry or showers, and no where to go for fuel or water. The only thing that is close by is the abandoned US Navy Base.

We hiked for about 2 miles to arrive at the old Navy Base. It was an easy hike along the road, a good portion of it along the Queen’s Highway. Once at the base, we wander around and check out all the old buildings and try to figure out what they used to be.

The whole place is very grown up – the island has nearly reclaimed the majority of the buildings and structures on the property. Also, the buildings themselves are in awful shape, many of them on the verge of collapse. I would still recommend checking this place out if you happen to be in the area. It’s very interesting to wander around the old roads and try to imagine how things used to look while the base was still in service almost 50 years ago.

Another thing about Alabaster Bay is that it’s simply beautiful. The beaches are wonderful, and of course, the water is gorgeous. Molly actually learned to swim right there in the waters of Alabaster Bay! We’re really proud of that fact. Way to go Molly!

There’s also a great spearfishing spot that’s just around the rocky corner of the bay – on the South end – right next to a large rock that’s sticking out of the water. Be sure to dive around that rock if you’re ever in the area. Soooo many fish, and many of them were of considerable size – way to large for just Molly and I to eat.


5.23.17 Today we went to the old abandoned US Naval Base. It was a really long hike and was oh so hot, but we had a great time! The old base was really cool and also kinda creepy. It is so interesting to walk around all these old rundown buildings and imagine what they were like new, and when they were lived in.

We also found a really beautiful beach on the East side of the island. I got more pink sand!

Ben and I tried to watch the second Hunger Games tonight, but the file was corrupted somehow. Sad day. So we watched Iron Man instead.

5.24.17 Today we went to the beach. Ben and Molly swam and I hung out on the beach. I looked for shells and found a lot of pretty ones to make earrings out of! Then I just laid on the beach and read my book some. It was so nice and relaxing.

Ben and Molly found a HUGE crab while snorkeling. They lassoed it up and brought it on shore to show me, then they put it  back where they found it.

Molly is swimming without her floaties now. She is doing such a great job swimming, we are so proud of her!

Ben and I watched the 2nd Iron Man tonight.

5.25.17 Today I stayed on the boat while Ben and Molly went swimming again. Molly is really getting so much better at swimming without her floaties. Yesterday she must have left her mask and snorkel on the beach because we couldn’t find it today when they were getting ready to go. Luckily they found it buried in the sand and seagrass on shore.

We called Ben’s dad tonight to tell him Happy Birthday!

Ben and I watched Quigly Down Under tonight.

5.26.17 Ben couldn’t get Patreon to work on his phone this morning because it needed an update, so he went ashore and begged the hotel/restaurant on shore there to lets him use their wifi. Reluctantly, they said yes. We really wanted to eat at the restaurant, but they are only open for guests at the resort. Bummer!

After he got back, we hung out on the boat for a bit, then we all took a swim. When we got back we showered off, Ben went out swimming again and came back with a big hog fish for dinner. I cooked it up for him and Molly with some yellow rice.

Tonight Ben and I watched Million Dollar Baby.

5.27.17 A lightning storm came in around last night. Ben was so scared that we were going to get struck by lightning because it was so close and getting closer every new bolt that struck. He even was thinking about taking us to shore in the dinghy. We are the only sailboat in the anchorage, and I wasn’t freaked until I could see that he was really scared. I’ve never seen him so scared before. We didn’t go ashore, the lightning stopped around 3 am, and we were fine. It was difficult to get back to sleep though.

Today we hung out on the boat, Ben and Molly went swimming again. We ended the day with a beautiful sunset and Ben and I watched National Treasure.

Tomorrow we will move on to Hatchet Bay!

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