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2016-2017 Cruising Expenses

December 2016

This month we spent a lot more than what our actual monthly cruising budget is because we bought a lot of extra food preparing for the Bahamas and because we has some major boat projects to do before we can cross (IE: Fixing our VHF antenna).

January 2017

This month we prepare for our crossing to Bimini. We spent a lot more than our actual monthly cruising budget is again. We did a final provisioning trip, filled up on fuel, and hung out in Miami for 2 weeks waiting on a good weather window to cross. We also had the extra expense of checking into the Bahamas. Since our boat is less than 35 feet, we only had to pay $150. Any boat over 35 feet must pay $300 entrance fee. This fee includes all taxes and fees, plus a fishing license. We were given 120 days to be in the Bahamas, after that, we could apply for an extension at no cost.

February 2017

Our first full month in the Bahamas. We spent a lot in diesel this month, we did a lot of motoring because we didn’t have the right wind for the directions we needed to go to get to the Exumas from Bimini. We also realized just how much groceries cost here in the Bahamas, almost two sometimes three times more than prices in the States.

March 2017

Our cell phone bill while in the states is only about $100 a month. Here in the Bahamas it would stay the same with our T-Mobil plan if we didn’t make phone calls back to the States. They cost $.20 a minute, that is why our cell bill went up. We’ve been calling our parents to keep in touch and let them know how we’re doing and reassuring them that we’re alive and well.

April 2017

We’ve really enjoyed meeting the Bahamian people and eating their yummy food! We have enjoyed going to the local restaurants and eating the local cuisine, along with an American favorite here and there, ie: pizza and burgers! We’ve found our new favorite beer here in the Bahamas, it’s called Sands, Pink Grapefruit Radler. It’s so yummy and I’d love to take home cases of the stuff!

May 2017

We spent the entire month of May in Eleuthera. We had a great time exploring the island and getting to know the people. We went to the Pineapple Festival, The Leon Levy Plant Preserve, and explored many of the islands small settlements with our new friend Keith.

June 2017

This month we finish out our time in the Bahamas and head back to the States. Before that though, we stock up on groceries and diesel. We stocked up on water for free in Eleuthera before we left, however, when we put it in our tank in Great Harbour, it was SALTY! So we had to buy more water. When we got back to the states, we needed an UBER ride a few times, we stocked up on groceries again, and we start to head North on the ICW.

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